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Shop 27 London Court
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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 9.30 - 5.30pm

Sat         9.30 - 5.00pm

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Trowbridge Gallery has been established since 1982 in Claremont and has recently opened a new Gallery in London Court, Perth City. Trowbridge is the premier Antique Print and Map Gallery in Western Australia specialising in 17th to 20th century maps, John Gould Birds and Mammals of Australia, rare prints of colonial Australia and other ‘Works on Paper’. 

The Gallery stocks a diverse range of antique charts and maps illustrating the charting of the new continent from many of the great mapmakers: Jansson, Blaeu, Hondius, Baudin, Cook, Freycinet, Flinders and D’Entrecasteaux to name a few.

Trowbridge has a wonderful selection of ornithological and mammal lithographs from the renowned  naturalist John Gould . Gould's ‘Birds of Australia’ and  ‘Mammals of Australia’ form part of the Gallery’s extensive Natural History Collection. This  also includes works by Gracius Broinowski, Dumont D'Urville and Gronwold.

A prominent feature of the Gallery is the  extensive collection of rare Australian and Western Australian topographical material with fascinating views of early Australia  from the 18th Century to the more modern early 20th Century.  These include rare images of Perth, Fremantle, Bunbury and Albany.

Also on display are an extensive range of anatomical and medical prints from the early 19th Century ranging from the humorous to the serious. A wonderful collection of botanical prints from fine botanical illustrators such as Labillardiere, Robert Sweet, Joseph Banks, Pierre Redoute,  Abraham Munting and Weinmann grace the walls.  Trowbridge also has an exciting selection of 19th and 20th century Children’s prints from famous Australian illustrators Ida Rentoul Outhwaite and May Gibbs to the famous European illustrators W. Heath Robinson, Arthur Rackham and Gwynedd Hudson.

Though primarily an Antique Gallery over the last ten years the Gallery has diversified and has a fine representation of modern works of art on display. These range from aboriginal pieces to pastels, lithographs and serigraphs from the large international publishing houses. With  an in-house framing department  the Gallery can not only present  its own stock in the most beautiful frames but also offer a superior framing service to the public.

Trowbridge Gallery displays the largest range of World Globes in Australia imported from the finest globe makers in the USA.  They include classic antique ocean styled globes and the everlasting blue ocean style globes presented  in a number of traditional and contemporary stands. The globes come  in both 30cm and 40cm diameters.

The Gallery has established its reputation as one of the most prominent antique print dealers in Australia and is internationally well known for its high standards of excellence in quality and service.

There is something in the Collection for everyone.